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Date of Service: 13/07/2023
Time: 11:00 am

Holy Family Catholic Church, 74 Hardie Road, Spencer Park, WA, 6330

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Baptistcare Homecare
July 14, 2023 9:02 am
The team at Baptistcare Homecare send heartfelt condolences to Teresa and family. It was a privilege to see firsthand Dennis’s awe-inspiring talent and craftsmanship. His stories gave us a glimpse into a life of incredible passion and hard work. He will be missed.
Michelle Cole
July 13, 2023 10:47 am
Uncle Dennis you were an Amazing...Talented...Knowledgeable Man! I have so many Fond Memories...growing up visiting and staying over in Swanbourne. I admired all your wonderful paintings and wood work...playing in that awesome cubby house..I loved your amazing style of photography...I remember after a session of photos taken of me...you allowed me to watch you develop them...I was so fascinated with the process..it later inspired me to do a photography course in high school... Rest In Peace! Thinking of you...All My Love to AuntyTress..Sue..Margaret..Paul and your families...Michelle and Claudia xxx
Diana Greeve
July 13, 2023 5:57 am
Dennis (Poppop) was an amazing grandfather to my brother (Brendan) and I. In the early years of my life, he always kept us active. I’d always recall the family walks into the bush. Him showing me and my brother how to pick boysenberries and not get prickled. Even taking a quick walk down to the garden with us to show the vegetables he’d grown that year. (Which we’d nibble on with our Guinea Pigs, Alfie and Bubbles.) He’d always amaze us with the things he made, from train toys, and boats, to clocks and books; he’d seemingly having something new each time we dropped down to Albany. Even building his own custom built observatory, kindly sharing the view of the stars with us. Inspiring us to reach into our hobbies. His knowledge in Science, Physics and Mathematics encouraging my brother to work towards Engineering and Physics As for his amazing craftsmanship and paintings he certainly created impact on my love for art. As I got older and time changed he would call me Jenifer or Pauline jokingly. I’d always remember spending the week with him in December of 2020 when Nanna (Teresa) was not well. Reading books together silently until he fell asleep. Chatting and talking as we walked down the street before stopping to have a chat to the neighbours. Spending time to cook together making Lunches and Biscuits. Even simple things like popping down to the shops and collecting the groceries. I’ll always hold them memories dear in my heart. I was fortunate to speak to him on the 18th of June 2023 on my birthday this year, just before his passing. Even if it was a short and sweet chat, I am glad we got to speak one last time. We will all miss you Pop, you truly were such a unique and brilliant person. Even if you’re no longer here, the memories you’ve left us with will never be forgotten. With love as always, Diana
Brendan Greeve
July 13, 2023 12:18 am
To my dearest grandfather. I cannot overstate my total admiration for every single accomplishment you've managed in one life. You were always an inspiration; everything you carved, taught, learned, and created is just gobsmacking. Seeing those cabinets full of gorgeous model boats, walls covered in beautiful paintings, and that bloody incredible organ: all of that is just a small part of what you did, and yet it's so much more than the average man could ever dream of making. Coming down to see all of them, was awe inspiring to say the least (just that was worth the 6 hour drives!). Out of all of the things you brought into this world, I'll cherish the time we spent together the most: from talking about microwaves, to working with your unparalleled skill in the workshop, it is simply unforgettable. As only one man, you shaped my world for the better, and I'll never forget that. Thank you Dennis.
Paul Greeve
July 12, 2023 9:48 pm
Dad. I will deeply miss you, you were my father, teacher, trainer and my Wikipedia, 30 years, before that concept ever existed. You were my main inspiration in life. I have never met anyone that could come within a 100 miles of you. The many places you would take the family or me, where you became our travel guide, telling us things very few other people ever even knew. Your knowledge appeared to never reach its limits. Your unique understanding of how to construct something new, paint something, improve something, fix something, gave me many hours of fun and learning, especially in my younger years helping you in your smaller workshop. Looking at your radio controlled model yachts and steam powered Tug (the radio controls which you built in the 1950's and that were the first of their kind in Western Australia and possibly Australia) dragged me further into your world. Clocks, model ships, vegi-gardens, ducted water cooled air-conditioning. Your yachts, fully built by you from the hulls up and that you raced and recorded First and Fastest, so many times, but because you were the handicapper for the club, you didn't want to win all the time because you wanted to be more than fair. Your time as Rear Commodore of Claremont Yacht Club. Photography, painting, electronics, your electronic organs and the list goes on and on. You didn't leave a short story or a book or a series of books but an entire library for your whole family to remember and cherish for the rest of our days. Your only loving son, Paul
Kathrine Greeve
July 12, 2023 9:26 pm
My dearest father in law (Dad), what an amazing father & grandfather to Diana & Brendan. Always working away with loving gifts made with love giving many hours of joy & memories to keep. Loved the many bush walks we went on full of joy of history & knowledge you shared on those outings. You’ll be always remembered from the bottom of my heart. Deepest sympathy to Tress (mum), Sue, Marg, Paul & extended family. Kathrine xx
Lisa Ness
July 12, 2023 5:13 pm
To our dearest Pop Pop or Pop Pop with the clocks as your great grand daughters called you. I will forever cherish the memories I have of you teaching me to paint, my longing to pick up my paint brushes has grown since you have gone. Thank you for always showering your great granddaughters in woodwork gifts and toys, sharing stories and yummy biscuits with them. My love to Nanna, Mum, Aunty Marg, Uncle Paul and the extended family. May you Rest In Peace. Love from Lisa, Dwight, Nikita and Kendra.
Gordon McKercher
July 12, 2023 11:08 am
So... where do we start!? Yes... Dennis may have been vertically challenged but as one of many apprentices from the Greeve and Miller shed, I was taught everything I needed to know, prior to following suit! It was an absolute privilege to have known Dennis, one extremely talented individual. Next up, a well-earned rest and some time out up there... Smooth Sailing Dennis.
Brian Webber
July 12, 2023 7:40 am
Dennis, a celebration of your life, your journey is now complete. You where many things, but most of all you were a good man and at the end of days, that is all one can strive for. Brian Webber
Jennifer Bow
July 11, 2023 2:10 pm
My dearest Pop Pop. I have always looked at you in awe at the energy you had. I have very fond memories of visits to Swanbourne and later to Albany when you and Nanna retired. An early memory is of you in your workshop at Swannie where you made me some dolls house furniture out of wood cut offs. I was mesmerised when you made them so quickly and in front of me. Your knowledge of the world around us seemed to be limitless. Any question we had, you would answer and if you didn’t know, you would find the answers. I loved listening to your stories of Albany and later when you shared them with my boys, your great grandchildren. This has given us a special connection and insight into Albany that I am very grateful for. And also for the books you wrote, especially the ones on our family histories, these will now be even more invaluable. You had an incredible gift of craftsmanship displayed in the many wooden gifts and paintings you have made me and more recently the boys. Every room in my home seems to have something you have made whether it is a painting, my jewellery box, picture frames, furniture, toys, farm toys and even kitchen utensils. I will treasure these forever. I was particularly taken with the felt lined drawers you made for Nanna’s cutlery sets. Our visits to Albany will never be the same. My most heartfelt sympathy to Nanna, my Mum, Aunty Marg & Uncle Paul. Rest easy now Pop Pop, you’ve earned it! With much love, your Granddaughter, Jen xx
Richard Palmer
July 8, 2023 6:28 pm
I was six when I met Dennis. He enthralled me with his jokes, tricks and wooden dancing girl on a ping pong paddle. He taught me many things and championed my love of mathematics. He was such a fast learner that when I taught him elementary calculus, he researched it, then quickly became my calculus tutor. He had a special mention from the Royal Meteorological Society for his self-syphoning rain gauge. He also appeared on the ABC Inventors program with his non-drip pourer design. Later, we argued a lot. Of course he mostly won due to his insistence upon compelling evidence. Dennis leaves a marvellous legacy. All my love to Tress, Susan, Margaret, Paul and their families.
Rick Palmer
July 7, 2023 11:24 am
I held Uncle Dennis in awe. His ability to turn his hand to just about anything, including the steam engine and a three decked electric organ, just fascinated me. He was one of my dad's (John Palmer) favourite people and they seemed to communicate so easily. Always happy together. A treasured gift from my parents, John and Bernice, is a painting of a scene overlooking the whaling facilities in Albany, sent to me for my 21st when I was serving with the Engineer Corp in Townsville. Since then I some how accumulated more of his paintings which hang in my home and regularly remind me of happy times with Sue, Margaret and Paul and of the graceful, dignified woman, my Auntie Tress is.
Audrey and Peter Greeve
July 6, 2023 8:35 pm
Dennis GREEVE and Doug MILLER renowned cabinetmakers of Swanbourne!! A special mention should be that they climbed high in the Perth Concert Hall to build the beautiful organ console. My husband Peter Greeve was employed by them for 30 years, it was a very happy working environment. Dennis had many other interests..he was an exceptionally talented man , he built a model steam engine..I have some lovely photos of my two children when he tried his hand at photography..he may have been encouraged by Tress who had worked for renowned photographer Victor Penrose! However his oil paintings were brilliant, my grandson and daughter have already chosen two we have when we are ready to pass them on! In 2021 I rang Tress and Dennis for our usual Christmas chat, I was thrilled to tell them that our granddaughter Connie was dux of Geraldton Grammar College and they were thrilled to tell me that their grandson Brendon was dux of Thornlie High School..for the last two years there has been two Greeves at UWA.... Dennis and Peter didn't have the opportunity to go to Uni but their cleverness is evident. Peter and I give our sincere condolences to Tress and all the family we will all miss Dennis....Audrey and Peter Greeve.
Molly McKenna
July 6, 2023 3:52 pm
I could write a whole book about how much Grandpop meant to me. Although I live far away from him and family, he was always close to my heart and always will be. I am very proud to be his great grandchild. He was a very special man and I admired all the things he did in his life. I am striving to be just as amazing as he was. You meant the world to me Grandpop, and I miss you.
Jeremy McKenna
July 6, 2023 3:45 pm
So many stories to retell. So many memories to relive. From sailing the seas to gazing at stars, your sense of wonder at the world never died. And it never will.
Victor McKenna
July 6, 2023 3:44 pm
I loved looking at all his boats, clocks and telescopes. He made my “Victor Hire” truck that no one else has. He was my Grandpop. He was my friend.
Jenny Kemp
July 6, 2023 2:47 pm
In memory of an extremely clever man. So talented at everything he did. Two of his paintings hang in my room. One of the farm - my childhood home and one depicting the wetlands of Lake Claremont. Fond memories. All my love to Aunty Tress, Susan, Margaret and Paul. Thoughts to you all from Jenny Kemp.
Sue Lefroy
July 6, 2023 12:16 pm
Dennis' passion for history and his generosity in sharing local knowledge will be fondly remembered. I will miss our chats Dennis.
Sharon Edward
July 6, 2023 11:06 am
I am so glad I dropped in and had a chinwag with Uncle Dennis and Aunty Tress. He was as vibrant as ever, showing me through the work he has done on fleshing out our Greeve ancestors. One of his oil paintings hangs in pride of place over my mantle shelf. I have walked the trails he mapped out round Gull Rock. The best photo ever taken of me was by him when I was hmmm 4? He called me showery windy (Sharon Wendy)on hearing my name at birth. I shall hold him dear in my heart (and a little in awe). All the best Aunty Tress - I’m here if you need me
Hilary Palmer
July 5, 2023 6:49 pm
So many fond memories of our uniquely talented Uncle Dennis. Will never forget stargazing with you in your observatory. All our love to Aunty Tress, Sue, Marg, Paul and your beautiful families. Naomi & Hilary
Margaret Scadding
July 5, 2023 6:41 pm
Dennis and my husband Brian became good friends when we arrived here from the UK. They had alot in common and enjoyed each others company. Dennis was a very knowledgeable man and often told me stories of his early life in Albany. I will remember him with very fond memories.
barbara geary
July 5, 2023 11:44 am
So glad Dennis knew he was a friend of mine days before his death. He gave Teresa and I some curry in what our choice of music we played. However, he eventually heard my replies were a cheeky sample of his rebuffs. So honoured and pleased to have been on hand for all of you on this sad time. Prayers of peace and love heading your way, Love BG

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