A friendly family serving you in your time of need
 Albany W.A.
9 Cockburn Rd,
9:30am to 3:30pm
9841 3090
0428 665 123 (A/H)

Donald Maitland Webb

Ronald Lionel Currie

Berthold ‘Bert’ Henke

Norma Wilson

Una May Underdown

Brian Kenneth Nicholas

Maxwell ‘Max’ Edgar Saggers

Jean Margaret Reside

Ronald James McKendrick

Judith Wood

Keith Johnson

Cecil Dean Bolton

Ian Stanley Brooks

Edith Blanche Webb

Patricia Aileen Webb

Geoffrey Arthur George Voss

Jeremiah James Brown

Elicitor Felicity May Roberts

Katherine Joan E’Att

Sven Tobiassen

Shirley Janette Draper

Marlene Cattanach

Ronald Herbert Walters

Ida Foot

Violet Ellen Pomery

Ronald William Black

Pauline Marguerite Strickland

Shirlann (Cheryl) Colbung

Murray Andrew Young

Phyllis Jillian (Jill) Watkinson